7 Goals For Your Tryouts

This time of year for club volleyball players is often full of stress and anxiety. Did you have a previous bad experience? Are you worried about college recruitment? Are you concerned about the training that you’ll get with a particular coach? What about other players potentially on the team? The list of questions can go on and on and become overwhelming. We know it’s a lot, but wanted to help give you a few points to focus on going into tryouts to help alleviate some stressors.

Be Coachable

How do you respond to feedback and direction? Within the first five minutes of you stepping on the court, how will you react the first time that coach gives you something to work on? The interaction with the coaching staff can give them an indication of how you will respond during the season. Respond positively, carry yourself well, ask the right questions, and make every attempt to make changes on your next rep!

Stay Positive and Encouraging

Coaches love watching players who love to play the game the right way. Stay positive and encouraging to those around you, both players and coaches! It takes twice as much effort to maintain a good attitude as it does to have a negative one, but don’t go down that road. You can’t be a toxic player, just like you don’t want other coaches or players to be toxic. Stay up!

Control The Controllables

Something we talk about all the time in every coaching environment is controlling what you can control. You’re one player on a court, so maximize your touches. Bad pass? Make it a better set. Bad set? Find a way to keep the ball in play. Frustrated or mad about your play? Stay positive, keep your head up, and move onto the next ball. This is one of the most important aspects of volleyball, so show that you already have it down!

Talk. Talk. And Talk Some More.

Don’t walk in quietly, put your stuff on, mosey onto the court, and keep your mouth closed. Make yourself known, have a presence, and communicate early and often both on and off the court. Meet new people, get comfortable even in a new environment, and be the athlete that others can feed off of. This is also something that you can control!

Next Ball Mentality

You’ve probably heard this one a thousand times, but it’s hard! Moving on is one of the more difficult parts of any sport and generally in life, but it’s also one of the most important. If there’s a bad play, miscommunication, or something just doesn’t go your way, move on! Coaches want to see that you can learn and grow IN THAT MOMENT, so get your next ball mentality locked in when you step on the court.

Be Flexible, But Do What You Do Well

You’re a DS and they need someone to quickly hit on the outside? You’re a setter and they need someone to fill in the middle? Be helpful and flexible, show off some versatility. However, when you get a chance to do what you signed up for, do it well! Being a great team player is necessary, so when you have the opportunity to execute in the position you’re trying out for, maximize that opportunity. 

Finish Every Play And HUSTLE

Try not to walk through free balls, get to a ball late, and just generally play lazy volleyball. It’s a TRY OUT. You have to TRY! Hustle to the spot, run while you’re shagging, and finish every play until the ball is down or you move onto the next drill. Coaches will notice your effort and desire.

These are just a few of the things you can do at Rev tryouts to get yourself noticed! Learn more on our website and get registered!