Choosing The Right Volleyball Club for You

Our friends and recruiting coordinators at MyRecruiting Assistant wrote an outstanding blog on things that all athletes and their families should consider when choosing a volleyball club. It’s important to remember that, at the end of the day, every family should make the best choice for them. Clubs who are trying to manipulate your decision-making process or spin sell you while they overpromise and underdeliver rarely have the athlete’s best interest in mind.

Our goal is to provide the best environment, coaching, and recruiting for any athlete that chooses Rev, but we support and respect all athletes and their decisions. We’re here to be a trusted partner with our families.

Read this great blog from MyRecruiting Assistant below!

Author: Jessica Enderle

Club volleyball has been a part of my life for about 18 years now. I started off as a player, became a coach, and spent many years as a club director before moving into my current role as recruiting coordinator. Over the years and especially leading into club tryouts, I’ve had countless parents seek advice on the best way to choose a club program. Although the commitment to club volleyball is year-to-year, I think it is essential to strive to be a part of the same club for an extended period if possible. Below are some of the key points that I feel are important to consider when choosing a club program.

Gym culture and environment (Remember this should be fun!)

Before starting this blog post, I reached out to a few club friends to send their thoughts on this subject. My friend Grant mentioned, “volleyball should be hard but a joy,” so that’s where I’m going to start. It is easy to get caught up in the drama that (sometimes) surrounds the club volleyball tryout process. I think we forget that this sport, regardless of level, should be enjoyable. Sure, there will be days when it is harder to come in the gym but finding a club that creates a gym culture that promotes a healthy, exciting, and positive learning environment should be the top priority.

Consider the Coach

Most clubs spend around 4-8 months of the year training and competing in a single season, meaning the athlete is going to spend a lot of time with their coach. Even if the club trains within a club-wide system or master coach program, there is usually at least one coach dedicated to working with a single team. Every coach has their strengths/weaknesses, so I recommend doing your homework on the coaching staff. Talk to former players/parents, check out their bio, and ask them questions! I am a big fan of athletes playing for a variety of coaches throughout their club careers. I think this helps them better determine what coaching style they thrive under when pursuing college options.

Recruiting and Exposure

If you want to play in college, you need to get in front of the college coaches, and that’s easier to do when there are a lot of coaches in one place. Before Covid-19, this would mean finding a club that sends teams to large convention center events such as the USAV National Qualifiers, Bluegrass, Triple Crown, etc. Typically, these events can gather a couple of hundred coaches. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the recruiting landscape, which is still rapidly changing. I anticipate there continuing to be a high need for virtual recruiting this club season. Since there might be limited opportunities for in-person recruiting, I believe it will be crucial for athletes to have someone to advocate for them.  Be sure to find out what resources each club has available for their athletes!

Cost/Fee Structure, Schedules, etc.

Club volleyball is typically a pretty substantial financial investment. Be sure to consider all associated costs and not just the fee schedule. Are travel fees included in the dues or is that separate expense? How does the club handle the uniform package? Is there financial assistance or a payment plan available? How will they be managing funds if everything gets shut down again due to Covid-19?

It’s also important to factor in the tournament and practice schedules. How many events will the club team attend throughout the year? How many practices per week and at what times? Practice location? Does the club have a facility or are they practicing out of multiple locations? If they practice at various locations, are those sites secured and available during Covid-19?

Ultimately, the goal of club volleyball is to prepare the athlete for the next level. For some, that next level goal might be making the high school team or ultimately playing in at the collegiate level. It is always wise to do your homework on each club leading into the season so that you or your athlete have the best chance to achieve their goals!

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