iBeach31 Comes to Rev Volleyball Academy

From iBeach31:

ibeach31 is GROWING! We have made the decision to open a second location on the eastside of Indianapolis at Rev Volleyball Academy. Woohoo!

The facility will be located in Greenfield, IN just off of I-70. We are installing 3 indoor sand courts within the current Rev Volleyball building, and we are stoked to be able to provide more training and competition opportunities. And since it’s indoor, we can do this YEAR ROUND!

Since we opened in 2018, we’ve absolutely loved the growth and the community that we’ve been able to help create, with everyone’s help, and we want to share that community with more people! Making beach volleyball more available for more people can only help to spur the growth of our game and our family.  This will be Indianapolis’ FIRST indoor beach volleyball facility and will be the only one within 100 miles of the area!

We will be doing much of what we’ve done with our original location. We will offer leagues, sand training, and more to both youth and adult athletes throughout Indianapolis. We think this move will be a game-changer for our growth and will be the beginning of something even larger as we look to put an indoor facility up in Westfield and potentially even grow to more locations around the city.

None of this would be possible without our amazing supporters, all the players who come through, the families, kids, friends, and sponsors that help make iBeach31 what it is. So to sum it all up, THANK YOU for all those who have been part of iBeach31’s growth in the past and WE CAN’T WAIT to see what the future and this new opportunity will bring. Welcome to iBeach31 East, ladies and gentlemen! We will see you soon!

If you want to pre-register for our leagues at iBeach31 East, just click here to find dates and times. We can’t wait to get the building started. Stay tuned for more updates!