At Rev Volleyball Academy, recruiting is our top-priority. At RVA, no athlete gets left behind. We have partnered with recruiting coordinators that work outside of our organization that can focus on recruiting efforts full-time for our players. All athletes have the opportunity to talk and develop a personal plan of action for their future. Who are these recruiting coordinators? Peter Gustin and the My Recruiting Assistant team have an outstanding track record. My Recruiting Assistant has long-standing relationships with college coaches from all NCAA divisions.

Have you ever felt like your athlete gets more frustrated and upset than excited about the recruiting process? Have you ever wondered if your athlete was getting equal treatment from those that have said their goal is to get them to the college of their dreams? What if your recruiting help didn’t come from a coach inside of your club?

From private consultations with each family to administering recruiting workshop and seminars for our athletes, we are with you from beginning to end. We also look beyond competition at RVA. We want our athletes to succeed academically, athletically, socially and financially and will take all into account as we go through this process. Our team is responsive and innovative with our recruiting efforts, making sure we engage and retain the interest of our college coaches. This is what we do everyday, so rest assure that we will lead you in the best way possible. Let’s start this journey together!

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Peter Gustin

(708) 307-8258
[email protected]

All recruiting assistance is INCLUDED for our national athletes ages 15-18. This is an important part of your process, and we intend to make it work for you and with you.


  • Club wide seminars
  • Regularly scheduled calls
  • Email support
  • Communication support
  • Assistance writing emails to college coaches
  • Assistance in producing videos that college coaches want to see
  • An expansive list of colleges
  • Assistance creating your target list
  • Assistance using Sports Recruits, our recruiting platform
  • Social media outreach
  • …and more