Rev Volleyball Academy was formed in 2020 to grow the game of volleyball the way it is meant to be grown and not in the pursuit of more revenue. We pride ourselves in our leadership and experienced coaching staff and strive to provide unmatched instruction and a competitive environment for each of our players.

Our regional teams will be looking to attend 7-9 tournaments, while our nationals teams are looking to attend 10-12 tournaments.

18-1 Avengers

Head Coach: Kim McConaha

Assistant: Bruno Amorim

17-1 Raptors

Head Coach: Carlos Cruz

Assistant: Nate Torvik

17-2 Panthers

Head Coach: Kylie Barnett

Assistant: Lauren Murray

16-1 Fury

Head Coach: Milton Crespo

Assistant: Jena Davis

16-2 Swarm

Head Coach: Dexter Stallworth

Assistant: Disney Stallworth

16-3 Scorpions (R)

Head Coach: Rachel Desmarais

15-1 Fuego

Head Coach: Suzanne Masten

Assistant: Haley Cowart

15-2 Lions

Head Coach: Xavier McMillan

Assistant: Brooklyn Darby

15-3 Assassins (R)

Head Coach: Gene Murray

Assistant: Caleb Short

14-1 Bulldogs

Head Coach: Xavier McMillan

Assistant: Jalissa Trotter

14-2 Cobras

Head Coach: Shanna McCormick

Assistant: Adriana Middleton

14-3 Penguins (R)

Head Coach: Molly Gibbs

13-1 Pistons

Head Coach: Gene Murray

Assistant: Rillian Dennis

13-2 Hurricanes

Head Coach: Jessica Stamps

Assistant: Payten Morris

12-1 Lucky Charms

Head Coach: Morgan Gonsoski

Assistant: Caleb Short

12-2 Jaguars (R)

Head Coach: Nicole Osborne